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Leica FS C
Current Model
Motorized Focusing and Stage
Forensic Bullet Comparison
Macroscope Microscope

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Model: Leica FS C
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  • Perfect Choice for Your Crime Lab:
  • This is a current model of motorized Leica FS C forensic comparison microscope. This instrument is primarily used for bullet comparison.
  • We have never seen another of these models come up for sale. The only other way to get one is to buy it new.
  • The Leica FS C comparison microscope is an excellent tool in a forensic crime laboratory for examination of fired bullets and other forensic evidence.
 Court Accepted Forensic Equipment:
  • Do not give your opponent the benefit of "questioning" the quality and reliability of your equipment in front of a Jury in a court of law.
  • Leica has the best reputation for forensic microscopes for bullet comparison. The quality of this top name will never be questioned. With Chinese made units, you may have a hard time proving the "quality" when it is demanded of you. And certainly, your images you get from the equipment will be significantly lower contrast and lower image definition than the Leica produces. Consequently, the Chinese models may not be sufficient for usage in court cases. They are fine for high school and university level forensic sciences classes in criminology. But when quality matters, and the lawyers and courts demand it, Leica is the name you will want standing behind your work.
 Main Features:
  • Eyepiece pair: 10x/22. Diopters on each eyepiece.
  • This frame is autovolt and can take 90 to 250VAC, 50/60 Hz.
  • Includes carrying handles on each side of the frame.
  • Port for camera. Includes a 3MP USB digital camera, software, free software upgrades, and camera c-mount adapter. Does not include laptop. The included camera is different from what is shown in the images. It is only a simple camera but works well.
  • Each side of the comparison microscope has a bullet holder system.
  • Made in Germany.
  • Leica KL2500 LCD fiber optic illumination source. This unit is 110V only. However, if using in a 220V environment, it can be connected to a power transformer, or a replacement illuminator can be easily obtained.
  • Two sliders. These can be inserted just above the objective nosepiece.
    Part#581067 - CGA
    Part#581068 - CRA
  • Frame Type Number: 11-020-463.009-000.
 Motorized Features:
  • Motorized Coarse Focusing to raise and lower the bridge.
  • Motorized Fine Focusing (raises and lowers stage).
  • Motorized X and Y movement of both stages.
  • Buttons control the movement of the divider line so it can travel across the field of view, giving different percentages of each side, or overlapping.
 Preset Settings:
  • Press one button and the preconfigured setting will automatically be engaged.
  • Buttons for left view 100 percent, right view 100 percent, Overlap, 50/50 split.
  • 1.5x Magnification Changer Lens.
  • Press one button and the system will engage the 1.5x magnification changer.
  • Button for stage movement sync.
 Objective Magnifications:
  • Three objectives on each side as follows:
  • M PL APO MACRO 1X / 0.035 - 0.006. Infinity / - / 135. Part#581047.
  • M PL APO MACRO 2X / 0.07 - 0.01. Infinity / - / 135. Part#581048.
  • M PL APO MACRO 4X / 0.14 - 0.03. Infinity / - / 135. Part#581049.
  • German Engineered and Manufactured.
  • Excellent Quality as expected from a name like Leica.
  • This microscope is in great condition.
  • This is an industry-standard optical instrument, currently being used the world over in top government crime labs. Leica is the top brand in this area.
 Testing Results:
  • This microscope was fully tested. Results are as follows:
  • All functions were found to be in proper working order.
  • Excellent bright and clear images were obtained from both left and right side specimens.
  • Fine detail was visualized.
  • Proper overlapping and visual imaging of 100 percent left, 100 percent right, and split images were done.
  • All motorization worked as it should.
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