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Leica CFM2
High Power - Trace Evidence
Forensic Comparison Microscope

Model: Leica CFM2
Price: Contact us for pricing
Shipping: To be determined

 Application Usage:

For use with small trace evidence such as hair and fiber analysis. Can compare with and without a cover slip using the 10x objective. Designed for use with a glass cover when using the 20x and 40x objective. This model is not useful for bullet comparison.

 Photography System:
  • Trinocular head with port for attaching a camera.
  • Comes with a Diagnostic Instruments 1x c-mount adapter with an internal lens, part number HRD100-CMT. The c-mount assembly is focusable.
  • The photos show a Zeiss camera but this is only present to demonstrate the capability and how to connect a camera. It is not included.
  • There are NO cameras included.
  • We can provide optional camera equipment.
 Viewing Binoculars:
  • Trinocular head.
  • Ergonomic and inclinable. Easy to adjust to different angles to fit different individual user's needs.
  • Eyepiece Set: Pair of HC Plan 10x / 22 high eyepoint eyepieces.
  • One eyepiece has a measuring reticle installed. You can buy a stage micrometer then calibrate the reticle so specimen samples can be measured.
  • 10x - N Plan 10x / 0.25. Infinity/-. Leica Part Number 506084.
  • 20x - N Plan 20x / 0.40. Infinity/0.17. Leica Part Number 506096.
  • 40x - N Plan 40x / 0.65. Infinity/0.17. Leica Part Number 506097.
  • 5-Place Nosepiece. (Note: can add two more Leica DM LS type objectives).
 Comparison Bridge:

Adjust the split image dividing line from 0 to 100 percent of each specimen (left and right side).

  • Above the objective nosepiece, and below the comparison bridge, are analyzers on each side.
  • Below the condenser there are slip-in polarizing filters. These can easily be pulled out for removal.
  • 0.85 Numerical Aperature.
  • We repaired part of the holder for the condenser and it functions fine. One photo shows where the holder had some metal welding done. This in no way affects the performance of the unit.
 General Specifications:
  • Made in Germany.
  • Normal Rectangular Mechanical Stage on left side unit plus 360 degree rotatable stage on right side unit.
 Color Balanced Illumination:
  • Leica model CLS 150XD Cold Light Source.
  • 150W, 21V.
  • Color Temperature 3250 Deg K and 3050 Deg K, selectable.
  • AutoVoltage 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz Input.
  • External Fiber Optic Illuminator with Bifurcated fiber optic bundle.

Light source is perfectly balanced. On many cheaper models, different bulbs are used for each side. This version uses a single light source so the intensity and color correctness is equally balanced. The fiber optic cable has a splitter.

 General Notes:

Microscope is in good condition. We guarantee all functions work fine.


Click here to view the Instruction Manual.

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