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Fixed Objectives
Bullet Comparison
Forensic Microscope

Item Code: 1003


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 Product Overview
  • Hard to find Leitz bullet and cartridge comparison microscope.
  • Objectives are mounted on a turret and rotated into place.
  • Each side has a total of four different objectives.
  • German Made for Superb Quality.
  • This is a used forensic microscope that has been refurbished.
  • Even years old, this forensic equipment will outperform any Chinese made model.
 General Description:

Need a forensic microscope for doing bullet and cartridge comparison for your crime lab? This is the unit for you. The German engineering and manufacturing still shines in this equipment. These units are hard to find. They have been around for years. If you want to buy something new, your "German" quality is only going to be found in the made in Germany units. That will be tens of thousands of USD just to get started.


Court Accepted Forensic Equipment: 

Court Accepted Forensic Equipment: If you select a Chinese model, it will not compare to this high quality optics and the quality and reliability may be questioned in court. The Leitz name has stood for decades as synonymous for high quality. This equipment can be proudly described in your forensic analysis reports for the court. The Leitz name says it all and will be unquestioned by lawyers in the court for its quality and reliability. You can proudly and confidently present your work with the Leitz name and reputation standing behind you.


  • Marked "Leitz Wetzler Germany"
  • Makro 1.7 / 1:8. Adjustable 8-32.
  • Photar 1:4 / 50. Adjustable 4-22. Part#549027.
  • Photar 1:2 / 25. Adjustable 2-11. Part#549026.
  • Makro 0.8 / 1:16. Adjustable 16-44. Part#549031.


Leitz PeriPlan 10x. High eyepoint for ability to use eyeglasses. Marked "Leitz Wetzler Germany"



Trinocular head for attaching photographic equipment. Includes Optem B-Clamp, part# 25-70-89. This is on the top of the trinocular port. It provides a standard c-mount with lens system for attaching various camera equipment.


Illumination System: 

This equipment currently is fitted with fluorescent illumination. The lights are on both sides and are easily adjustable to create incident illumination on the specimen. However, as an option, two fiber optic cable holders also exist, one on each side. We are currently not including a fiber optic illuminator with this microscope. However, we have both 110V and 220V fiber optic illuminators that will work. Contact us for your specific needs.


Specimen - Bullet and Cartridge Holder: 

This comparison microscope has a stage on both sides. On top of the stage is the specimen (bullet and cartridge) holder. The bullets and cartridges are mounted here for examination and comparison. The X -Y stage movement knobs are used for moving the bullet (or cartridge) to get it in the proper field of view.



This is a reconditioned used microscope. It is several years old. However, it is in excellent working condition.


User Manual and Instructions:  

We do not have the actual user manual for this equipment. However, Leica has a new model that has some similar features. Reviewing this manual will benefit in the understanding of the Leitz model. Click this link: Leica FS M Comparison Microscope Operating Manual



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